Children and Music / by Joseph Beaty

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote an actual blog. I worked on "The Chamber" record for over a year and a half. I Released it worldwide a few weeks back. Very pleased with how it turned out. However, that is not the thing I am most proud of. My wife Elisabeth gave birth to healthy twins. Lincoln and Luna. When you hear parents talking about how it changes your life and that the love is immeasurable, they were right.  I totally get it now. I cannot imagine my life before. I feel like all the things I have done in the past were part of someone else's life. It's as if I watched a movie about this person named Joseph Beaty that had a hard time dealing with loss, battled depression, insomnia, and yes...wrote a ton of music. Well...The insomnia part worked out for me. Ha. I am excited to watch these kids grow. They are a month old and it's been a total blur. Loving being a Father. Naturally, I am already inspired with new musical ideas. I have the concept and melodies already in mind. I plan on using whatever time I can this Fall and Winter to put some new sounds together and see what happens. Until then...My focus is on making sure these beautiful children have what they need to thrive. Lots of love and food. Ha. I want to thank everyone that helped fund The Chamber Album project on Kickstarter. I would have just released the record digitally otherwise. Nice to be able to put it out the way you envisioned it. I also want to thank my amazing family and friends for all the support and wonderful gifts given for the twins. We need all the help we can get. Words cannot describe how thankful Liz and I are. I look forward to sharing music and pics of the twins as they grow like wild fire.