Fire Will Tell / by Joseph Beaty



"Fire Will Tell" is the third track on my newest release, "Blood Will Flow".  This song was inspired by a Yule celebration I was fortunate enough to be a part of at the Butera family home.  There was a moment where we all reflected and used the fire to find the answers.  I was going through a rough patch and I believe I did find what was looking for.  The embers danced and burnt well into the night.  Smiles were had by all.  I felt surrounded by love, warmth and wisdom.  Later, I also kind of worked in this reoccurring dream of a woman born into the woods.  (As mentioned in the lyrics for "Moonlit Skies of Old".)  As per each track on this record, I believe the track art photo from my dear friend, Amy Shevlin represents this song very well.

Samara Shevlin really has become that blurred image from my dream some years ago.  I hope everyone enjoys "Fire Will Tell".  I have many tracks left to release for the "Blood Will Flow" album.  I look forward to sharing them with all of you.  Like the other tracks I have released, you have the option to pay if you please.  This helps me move forward and fund some of the costs associated with a national release.  I appreciate your purchase and your time listening.