Joseph Beaty 2014 Forecast / by Joseph Beaty

It has been a while since my last post.  2013 was insane.  The Joseph Beaty 2014 forecast is looking to be more of the same.  I am looking forward to everything Bongiovi Acoustics has to bring in 2014.  Very exciting things going on there. So glad to be a part of this amazing company. I recommend everyone check out what we are up to with that. On a personal note...  My life is really coming together.  I am in a really good place.  Nice to be able to say that. Musically... New ideas came in short but productive waves in 2013.  I plan on spending the beginning part of this year wrapping up my latest D_composure album, Darkfall as well as finalizing the tracks for my new untitled solo record. I have worked with some old and new friends on the new solo record. Very proud of it. Cannot wait to share.  I have yet to write a song in 2014.  I have ideas floating around for sure. But I need to wrap these projects up while placing heavy efforts on the Bongiovi Acoustics front.  My year is looking to be focused on just these areas.  Some life changing things are certainly in the cards.  Stay in touch and enjoy the journey with me. More news on my solo record coming soon.