Moonlit Skies of Old / by Joseph Beaty


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The second track from my new album, Blood Will Flow is now available. The song is called, "Moonlit Skies of Old".  It's based on a reoccurring dream of a woman born in the woods. Mystics and fans of Game of Thrones should enjoy this tune. Amy Shevlin and her sister Samara did a fantastic job providing photos that captured the spirit of these tunes. You can see other works from Amy by clicking here. I truly hope that you all enjoy the second track on my Blood Will Flow album. Moonlit Skies of Old is definitely one of my faves on the record.  I have chosen the pay if you want method for this track. So if you're feeling generous, please contribute to help support future musical and artistic endeavors. Stay tuned for more music...

...with love... -Joseph Beaty