Producing Crystal Casey's "Of Myth & Men"

It is my pleasure to announce that Crystal Casey’s new album, “Of Myth & Men” will be released on August 2nd. I felt it necessary to provide a glimpse into this magical creation process from my perspective. End of 2018 into the new year, Crystal was sharing early sketches of these songs while we were working on new material for Peeking Through the Noise. I expressed my interest in producing her next release based on the first few ideas. We already have such a wonderful working relationship and I really wanted to do something out of my wheelhouse a bit.

So, as we wrapped up work on our yet to be released PTTN EP, I willingly dove into the creative process for Of Myth & Men. Wearing the many hats of producer, writer, musician, and engineer…I felt my most important role in the process was being a good listener. I have to admit, this collection of songs were challenging in the mix and master process. But never in the creative realm.

I let the themes consume me. It felt beautiful at times and also like waves crashing overhead. That feeling you get from a good book, album, or film. It’s a living thing. It calls for you to Eat me, drink me…

The concepts marked the path and I willingly followed down the rabbit hole of sound design. I played guitars unconventionally using them as ghostly backdrops. I made rhythms by clanging & sharpening knives. Yes, knives. I sang background vocals in mythical character voices and layered them in the distance. I feel we achieved something otherworldly and cannot wait for you to experience it.

Magic happens

My involvement with Crystal seems like the product of a well cast spell. We have never met in person. We chat almost daily online but rarely speak on the phone. Simply put, We are on the level. This came at a time where I threw in the towel on the idea of being in a band. I cannot believe what we have accomplished remotely together in less than 2 years. More wizardry on the way I’m sure.

-Joseph Beaty