Night Will Be Here Soon

The sixth installment of the Blood Will Flow album project is, "Night Will Be Here Soon."  The image is part of what is included in the album credits section.  This was by far my favorite image that accompanies song for this project.  I think there is plenty to interpret here.

When you listen to "Night Will Be Here Soon", you will notice a soft vocal and guitar that is very lo-fi contrasted with what I am calling the Racket Orchestra.  Which was made up of myself, Ryan Copt (D_composure, Mindlikewater) and a good friend, Desi Kane.  Snaps and stomps with sliding chains, chairs and furniture.  Metal on metal and wood on wood.  This song needed that color.  Something stark and ugly to cut through the pretty muffly thing I began with here.  I hope you all enjoy this tune.  One more song for the Blood Will Flow album.  Stay tuned for that and news about the future of my music.